Unified communications consulting

nurango is a Canadian based UC and VoIP consulting team with over 12 years of industry expertise. We secure, deploy, manage, and maintain single and multi-server deployments globally.

We support several PBX and SBC vendors

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We're here when you need us
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Reduce costs associated with in-house expertise and on-demand vendor support. Even during off-peak hours.

Manage or deploy a PBX or SBC

We work with several Cloud and On-prem devices.

Troubleshoot Call Quality

Uncover pesky call quality issues or no call issues for both voice and video.

secure networks and equipment

Voice and video call security is paramount, as are your devices. We can help. 

MS Teams consulting

We help setup, manage and deploy your Microsoft Teams – including the setup of remote workers. As you progress we can secure your teams data and usage policies, plan and deploy your roll-outs, and troubleshoot call quality issues.

Teams Direct routing
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Migration and integration
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security, policies, governance
additional services

Our expert team is here to help!

Leverage our experience to tackle any VoIP project on your to-do list.

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Monitoring & alerts

Help with configuring PBX and SBC up-time monitoring, both on-prem and hosted.

encrypt SIP Traffic

Using TLS & SRTP we can help you secure your voice and video traffic from hackers.

VoIP analytics

We setup and configure vendor specific SBC and PBX analytics, or open-source apps like Homer SIP and HEP.

security and backups

enterprise customers trust us to ensure their data integrity with geo-disbursed solutions and proper firewall rules in place.

Install and config

We can install any phone system on your equipment both on-prem or in the cloud, managing the project from A-Z.

PBX migrations

Trust us with your complex migration projects when upgrading your network, VoIP devices, PBX or SBC.

Big or Small, we can help with your project

We’ll work with your vendor or IT partners to manage the telephony side of the project, ensuring a smooth roll-out while eliminating the need to find in-house expertise.

We can implement solutions that enable tele-workers by leveraging your existing infrastructure, or plan and design a new solution.

We help to integrate and troubleshoot Carrier issues with upstream providers and CLECs, or facilitate technical discussions and implementations.

We can assist in integrating e911 solutions with your vendor, keeping your organization compliant with Kerry’s Law and the Ray Baum act.