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You can either use the Pre-configured Zoiper from or bring your own version and configure manually.

To setup either, you will need to enter your devices SIP credentials found in the dashboard:

  • SIP Username
  • SIP Password
  • Realm/Domain

You can obtain these from the nurango dashboard by logging in and clicking on the “Devices” tab or from the “Users” tab, under the users device column.  

    Click “Edit” next to the device that you want to register. You will see a pop-up now with the 3 fields that you need to enter.

nurango Pre-configured Zoiper

If you haven’t already, you can download a “nurango by Zoiper” pre-configured softphone from:

Enter your own information into the form as shown below..

Click “Download” and go through the Zoiper wizard to download the version that’s appropriate for your OS.

That’s it! To enable TLS/SRTP head to the bottom of this article. 

Manual Configuration

If you need a copy, head over to

Open up Zoiper and click on “Settings -> Preferences” entering the information from your Device in the dashboard. Ensure to replace “” with your own domain.

Note that the Outbound Proxy was located in your welcome email. If you need it agian, please email [email protected]

Enable TLS & SRTP

By default, the “nurango Zoiper” version enables TLS but does not enable SRTP.

To enable SRTP You will need to manually enable it by navigating to the “Advanced” tab and selecting “TLS with SDES SRTP” from the dropdown.

To enable TLS on a manual setup, choose “Use TLS transport” from the box just above SRTP.

If you receive an error with the certificate registration after clicking OK, go back into the Preferences and disable certificate validation under “Advanced -> Security” “Disable certificate verification”.