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Zapier is an amazing way to integrate your call data with hundreds of third party applications.

Using our WebHooks you can easily gather and parse data from phone calls and push them to apps like
Google sheets or to an email address, for example.

Start by loggin into Zapier and creating a new Zap.

Select “WebHooks by Zapier”.

zapier webhooks

Select “Catch Hook” as we will be posting from our WebHooks app. 

Catch Webhook

You can filter out spefic data from the Call by using Child Keys.
Refer to the output results of thr Webhook to know the exact variables used,

Webhook Child Keys

Copy the “POST” URL.

Post URL

Head over to the WebHooks app.

  • Setup a “New Webhook”.
  • Fill in the basic details.

I will be using “channel_answer” as the trigger event in order to push the data when a device connects.

Choose “POST” as the request type since we are Sending data and paste the Webhook URL you copied from Zapier.

nurango webhook

Click “Create Webhook” and head back to Zapier.

Once you click “Save + Continue”, Zapier will start to listen for hook data.

search for webhook

Once a call goes in or out of your account, Zapier will return a successful test result.
You can force a call as well by dialing *97 for example.

Webhooks Test


Click “view your hook” to see a copy of the data.
You can also use those variables to setup your child key filtering from earlier.

Webhook Data

You can now setup the Action to receive the data, be it a Spreadsheet, a push to CRM, or an email. 

If you find a creative way to use our webhooks, let us know!