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Once logged into the Yealink Web Interface you will need to click on the “Account” tab and see similar to below;

Yealink Configuration

Starting from the top down:

Line Active: Enabled
Display Name: {anything}
Register Name: user_xxxx (taken from the Device settings in the dashboard)
User Name: (same as above)
Password: (taken from the Device settings in the dashboard)
Enable Outbound Proxy Server: Enabled
Outbound Proxy Server: (Port: 5061 if choosing TLS, otherwise 5060)
Transport: TLS (for encryption, otherwise we support standard UDP and TCP)
NAT: Yes if behind a router/firewall, etc.
SIP Server 1:
This needs to be your Account Realm as seen under the device settings (example;

In order to Encrypt the Audio and enable SRTP, click “Advanced”. You can also add the Voicemail button setting and notifications such as MWI (Message Wait Indicator).

Yealink SRTP

Subscribe for MWI: Enabled (used for presence)
Subscribe MWI To Voice Mail:
Enabled (for voicemail notices) 
Voice Mail: *97
RTP Encyption(SRTP): Compulsory

Lastly, ensure you have enabled SRTP on the SIP Device by clicking “Advanced -> Miscellaneous”.

Enable SRTP