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If you haven’t already, you can download X-lite directly from counterpath:

To setup, you will need to have the following SIP Device details on hand:

  • SIP Username
  • SIP Password
  • Realm/Domain

You can obtain these by logging into the dashboard and clicking on the “Devices” tab or click the device directly from the “Users” tab, under the user you want to configure. Click “Edit” next to the device that you want to register.

Now, open up X-Lite and click on “Softphone -> Account Settings” entering the information from your Device in the dashboard.

User ID: {your device username}
Domain: {your Realm}
Password: {device password}
Display name: {your choice for presence}
Authorization name: {your device username}

Change the “Send outbound via:” option to “Proxy Address” and enter our SIP Proxy.

Note that the “Outbound Proxy” is in your welcome email. If you need it again, please email [email protected]

Click on the “Voicemail” tab to auto prefix the voicemail number.

Luckily, X-Lite offers the G.722 HD audio codec so be sure to prioritize it under “Preferences -> Audio Codecs”.