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Voicemail Boxes

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User Voicemails

Voicemail boxes are setup by default when you create a new User.
All Voicemails for that user will be sent to their associated email by default.

Setup voicemail

If you will only use Voicemail-to-email and don’t need to save a copy on the system for later retrieveal (such as from a handset),
you can click the Voicemails button and select “Delete message from database”.

vmail to email

System Wide Voicemail Boxes

There are often situations where you need to setup additional Voicemail boxes that are not specific to any single user.

  • Click on the Voicemail Boxes tab from the left hand side.
  • Click on “Add Voicemail Box” and fill in the defaults. 
Add Voicemail Box

Under “Advanced” you can configure further options..

Choose default Options for the vmail box.

Vmail Additional Options

Under “Recipients” you can choose a single or multiple emails to send the voicemail attachment to.

Next, setup your Greeting from an existing media file or Upload a new one.