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User Features

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User features can be found under the Users management view. Click on the “User Features” block to get started.

nurango user features

Caller-ID Number
If the user has a phone number assigned to them you can set a personal Caller-ID to display when they make outbound calls.

Call Forwarding
Enter the forward-to number in the display box. Either a landline oro mobile number.

  •  Leave voicemail on fowarded numbers – Do you want to wait for the external numbers voicemail to kick in or revert the call back to the phone system voicemail or next action?
  • Forward direct calls only – Only forward calls made directly to the user and not through a Call group or Menu.
  • Keep your Caller-ID – Do you want to display the Caller-ID of the person calling in on your forwrded phone, or your phone systems Caller-ID? 

Hot-Desking Hot-desking allows different users to take ownership of a device. For example, a Realestate office may have 2 handsets but 5 employees working throughout the day. When a team member starts their shift they can enter a login code into the phone and immediaely have their personal extension calls and check their voicemal from that phone. When they are done their shift they can simply logout with another code and the phone is ready for the next user.   Voicemails Enable or disable voicemail for the user. If you use voicemail-2-email and don’t need to store voicemails on the server for later retrieval by phone, enable the “delete from databse after sending notification” option.   FaxBox Users can have their very own virtual fax machine. They can easily send and receive faxes by their email from anywhere they have access to email. In order to use faxbox, you must assign them a fax number.

To Send:
Users must use the email address assigned to their account.

  1.  Attach a pdf or TIFF file as an attachement to the email
  2. The recipient email To: should be as follows – [email protected]

Note: The fax sender will receive an email notice if a sent fax fails to go out.

To Receive:
Anyone can send you a fax directly simply by sending it to the Fax number assigned to the user. You will then receive a copy of the fax via email as a pdf attachment along with the details of the sender. 

Conference Bridge
If you would like a user to have a personal conference line, start by assigning them a conference phone number. You can then setup their conference bridge pin code for other to join in

Fine me, Follow me
If a user has multiple devices they can be followed until they answer the call on any of them. For example, a user may have a desk phone and a desktop phone at home. He leaves the office and is working from home and a custome calls his in to his extension. The system will attempt to call all hisd evices or cascade them one by one depending on how you set it up.

Music on Hold
Users can have their own Music or Message on Hold to play ot callers

Inbound Call Recording
You can specify a web location t store users inbound calls for storage and retrieval. You can choose the file format and recording duration as well. Please note that we currently do not offer Outbound recording.