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Ring Groups

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Call Groups allow you to queue customer calls and allow Multiple users and devices to be part of the ring strategy.
A must have for any business or call center that’s serious about helping customers reach a live person.

To setup a group, click on “Groups” from the left side then “Add Group” at the top.

Add Group

To differentiate the group from others

Assign an extension that can be used to reach the group directly from the system, such as from an Auto Attendant action.

Selected Users
Drag over the system users that will be part of this group.

Ring Strategy

Click on “Members” to setup the ring groups call distribution method. Hit the “Distribute” button to Cascade the calls in order of the users list, or create your own method.

Add Ring Group Members

The seconds (“Sec”) represents the start and stop ring time of the call where the system will attempt to reach that user. Keep in mind if a user has multiple devices, those will also be called. 

For example;
User 1 – 0 to 39 Sec: The user will be called as soon as the caller enteres the queue until 39 seconds into the call.
User 2 – 40 to 78 Sec: After the caller has been in queue for 40 seconds and assuming no other user has picked up the call, User 2’s phone will begin to ring.
It will then stop after the call time totals 78 seconds.

Assign a Direct Phone Number

Under the “Phone Numbers” row you can add a direct line to that call group to be reached externally.

Add Phone Number

Group Features

Group Features

Call Recording
Inbound call recording. Requires external server setup to write recordings to. Please open a ticket for more info.

Ring Back
The music or message on hold.

Next Action
If no user in the call group answers the call, what do we do next with the caller?

Allow Call-Forward
Do you want users to be able to forward calls from this group from their handset? Whether internal or external.

Caller ID Prepend
Specify a custom display name and number that will show to users on their devices. This helps distinguish what call group the call is coming from.