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Porting Numbers

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Porting phone numbers to nurango is easy with our online porting wizard

  1. Start by clicking on “Port” located under the trunk name
  2. If you have existing ports you will see them listed on the main dialog
  3. To initiate a new port, click “New Port Request”

Enter the phone number to be ported.

Add Numbers, Accept Terms.
If you need to port more than 1 number, enter in additional numbers on the next screen. Accept the terms and click “next”.

* Click on Porting FAQ’s at anytime for additional porting information such as expected time frame, etc.

The Paper Work

Next you will upload a Current copy of bill and authorisation form.It is vital to show the phone number that you are porting on the bill and the address and contact informtation match that which is on the account with the losing carriers.

You can either download a copy of our LOA (Letter of Agency/Authorization), print, fill, scan and re-upload,
or simply use the e-sign service link.

Toll-free Porting

For Toll-free numbers, use the second Download/Upload section stating the “RespOrg” form.
Save it for later if you do not have the information needed on hand, or hit next.

Last chance to make any changes!

Otherwise, go ahead and fill out the requested port date and email address for notifications and click submit.Note: Port dates are approximate and can take 5-30 days. 

Review Ports & Statuses

To view your pending ports, go back to step 1 above for the list and their statuses.
You can click on the “Info” button for the port details.