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Getting Started

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Welcome! Let’s setup your SIP trunk, it’s a breeze.

First you will need to enable the PBX Connector App from the App exchange.

Now you can goto the App exchange and open the App –

You will be prompted to choose your first PBX type when you open the App for the first time. 

Setting up additional trunks is as easy as clicking “Add PBX” in the bottom right corner of the PBX Connector dashboard.

add trunks

Next you will see a Username/Password combo. Click in the password box to reveal the password.

*** IMPORTANT *** 

Your account Realm must be sent with all SIP requests so ensure to check your manual for your devices appropriate configuration.
Some examples for device configurations can be seen in our Knowledgebase.

Additonal Trunk Settings

Once your Trunk is setup, click the gear icon in the right corner of the trunk and click “Settings”.

Invite Format:Used in inbound call packets to let your device know we would like to send you a call. Depending on your device settings you can choose the appropriate invite method. Most commonly this will be 1 NPA NXX XXXX@REALM leaving you with an inbound call format of: [email protected]

Compatibility Mode:
This feature will allow you to force the audio codec compatibility from our side. This is generally not needed as your SIP device should enable only the codecs it wants to accept. In the case where you can not specify codecs, you can use this option.

Phone Number Settings

Generally you should send th Caller-ID from your device, especially if it is dynamic or changes based on your system setup.
You can how ever set the Caller-ID on the phone number within the dashboard, as well as enable CNAM allowing you to look up the Caller-ID of the incoming caller.

Set your e911 information on each DID as required.

Inbound Call Failover
If your system or device is unreachable we will automatically re-route your inbound calls.
Set up an alternate phone number or SIP URI to forward your calls to.

Next you will see;

For device specific setup and configs, please read on in the KB.