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Manage your global Caller-ID

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Setup or change a company wide Caller-ID to ensure Users are showing a valid company
Name and Number when dialing out.


Skip ahead to Update CID only.

First time setup:

1. Navigate to the Phone System app “SmartPBX”
2. Click the orange banner to add a Main Number

A page displaying the phone system setup app for nurango guiding the user to setup their main company phone number.

This will take you to the “Main Number” tab from the left side Menu.
If you have already setup a Main Number and want to change your Caller-ID, just click that menu link.

Add a Main Phone Number.

3. After adding a number, click the “gear” icon right side and select “Caller-ID” and update the Name.

Note that the number will also be displayed by default.

To Update your Caller-ID:

Navigate to the Main page and click the Caller ID button.

Alternatively you can edit each phone numbers CID from the number feature gear icon as shown 2 images above.