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Chrome Click-2-Call Plugin

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nurangos Click-to-Call plugin for the Chrome web browser allows you to turn phone numbers on webpages into clickable links to eliminate dialing manually.

If you haven’t already, head to the Chrome store and install the plugin here.

You will need the following account details to get started;

1) Your account name (also used to login to the dahsboard).
2) Your dashboard username and password.

Click on the Chrome plugin in your browser to access the login page.

Fill in the appropriate details from above and hit “Sign In”.

The phone icon will turn green whenever you’re Logged-In.

Click the icon again to bring up the plugin and it’s features.

Along with the Dial pad to make calls, you will see 4 tabs;

1) Voicemail: Your current voicemails and the Caller-ID name and number of the caller. Click on a caller to access Playback and Download options for that voicemail.

2) Phone Book: Here you can add and manage contacts in your personal phone-book, as well as click-to-call them.

3) Call History: A 30 day history of your Inbound and Outbound calls.

4) Fax: Send faxes directly from the plugin.

There are 4 icons at the bottom of the plugin;

1) Call Forward Always: Used to toggle call forwarding On/Off.

2) Do Not Disturb: Send all calls directly to voicemail.

3) Preferences: Here you can switch the active SIP device that the plugin uses if your user has more than one. You can also enable/disable the plugins Click-to-Call functionality.