nurango helps businesses communicate with customers by phone.

Our Story

Hello from Montreal Canada! Started as a hobby in a loft apartment tinkering with the asterisk PBX in 2010, we decided to offer our first Hosted PBX shortly after. It was those initial years in business that we learned all there was to know about private telephony infrastructure as well as security and quality of service.

Today, we’re exclusively focused on Hosted PBX, Hosted Phone System, SIP Trunking technology and VoIP security. With our drive and passion and excitement for the future, we continue to keep up with the latest innovations in the telecoms market.

Our Mission

Our focus in our industry has been to improve Small and Mid-sized businesses and Call Centers Telecoms needs at affordable prices. Our mandate is to be hyper customer centric in this increasingly competitive landscape in order to stand out in the crowd. How? Improving our customers communications with their won customers while integrating with their parties to improve work-flows.

We work with 100% Open-Source solutions and build and provide VoIP and Unified Communications solutions for the modern business to VARs to Internet Service Providers.

Where are we headed?

Our focus is on the customer experience and providing tools that are easier for customers to use, and third parties to use them with.
We will also continue to work on our developers platform and API services.

Although the landscape is increasingly competitive we will continue
to try and innovate and be at the forefront of the telecoms world.

Some of our stats

1000000 +

minutes per month


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